As you know, building strong business relationships always begins on a personal level. So, whether you’re looking to boost sales, bolster awareness or build client relationships, business-to-business growth thrives on networking amongst professionals within a unique atmosphere.


We have work with amazing shows for London Fashion Week , Cosmopolitan Magazine , Vogue Festival, Birmingham Fashion Week, PR Agencies and we can help you to produce yours.


We start with your vision, the purpose of your show and the impact you aim to achieve. We scout the venue and design the technical production. We source the right talent (hair and make-up team, backstage team and runway director). We cast models who not only embody the spirit of your collection, but who also command a runway.


On your show day, with the right people in the room, we execute a show that fulfils your vision.


We are experts at sourcing, assessing and selecting quality talent that fits your brand and aspirations. Whether you require a single make-up artist or an entire creative team, we can help you to find the talent you are looking for.


Bringing the influencers, Bloggers and You Tubers to create the buzz you need for your brand.

  • VIP guest List
  • Content Creation
  • Event planning
  • DJ services
  • Venues
  • Decoration
  • Marketing Material / Design

We have executed over 90 shoots and we can help you with yours. We start with your creative vision and the emotional response you want your finished images to evoke.


We commission the right photographer and the perfect location. We select the right talent (hair team and make- up team, stylists and post production editors.) and cast models who fit your vision and know how to work an editorial shoot.


We then synthesise those elements into a shoot that delivers precisely the images you want.